2018 Michigan Calendar

2017 cal Cover srgb_Revised2018 Michigan Calendar2018 Michigan Calendar Cover

Layout grid2017 Michigan Calendar

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*12 Month Calendar with holidays  *Spiral bound in center and printed on heavy card stock  *11x17 when fully opened

$17.00 + $3.99 for shipping

Calendar Pricing

1-2 Calendars - $17.00 ea.

3-5 Calendars - $15.00 ea.

6-10 Calendars - $14.00 ea.

12 Calendars - $12.75 ea.

15 Calendars - $12.50 ea.


Shipping increases for number of calendars purchased. In cart prices include shipping

Please allow up to 3 weeks for shipping

If you live in the Bay City Michigan area, you can pick them up without paying shipping.

If you prefer to order by check, please contact me at [email protected] or (989)245-3689

2018 Michigan Calendar (Shipping Included)