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Tall Ship Celebration in Bay City Michigan
Tall Ships at Sunset - Bay City MichiganDraken Harald Harfagre Viking Longship- Tall Ships - 20169Q4A2018Tall ShipsMstr IMG_6968Draken Harald Harfagre Viking Longship- Tall Ships - 2016Draken Harald Harfagre Viking Longship and El GaleonEl Galeón Ship in Bay City - 2016El Galeón Ships BellEl Galeón Forward ViewDeck of El Galeón - Spanish GalleonDeck view of El GaleónFurled Sails and Masts - El Galeónhdr IMG_3401_2_3_MSTR_CROPconvert IMG_2729_MSTR-2convert IMG_2868-MSTR-11x14convert IMG_3203-MSTRconvert IMG_2098_MSTRconvert IMG_2117_MSTRconvert IMG_2123_MSTR

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