Jenny Prahl(non-registered)
Wonderful work Craig!
joel dusag(non-registered)
wonderful pictures, so professional,,
Bill Matuszewski(non-registered)
I've been racking my brain of where those group of red barns are .
Today I saw them on 46.
You do some great work Craig.
I would love to do such photography.
James McDaniel Photography(non-registered)
Awesome portfolio - enjoyed viewing your work. James
Vern Botts(non-registered)
I knew after meeting you at the Reed's presentation on Tuesday night that I needed to get to your website and see for myself. I will simply say that your photographs of Michigan do not disappoint and capture the beauty of our wonderful state. Nice job, you have (as Todd & Brad have) inspired me to spend more time with my camera. Thanks much!
Those are stunning shots Craig! I love them!
Priscilla Beck Jewell(non-registered)
Love your work and love seeing my home State so beautifully represented in your work.
Sue Waters(non-registered)
Just checking out your 2014 calendars! Having a tough time deciding on which one I want. Absolutely beautiful!
Susan Ogden(non-registered)
Your website is beautiful, as are your photographs...every one of them touches me in some way, down to my very soul. You are truly a gifted artist, and i am honored to have you as a contact and friend on my flickr site.
Craig, as a native Michigander (currently living in China) looking at your images -- albeit a quick glance -- makes me feel nostalgic for so many different aspects of the first 30 years of my life. Though I'm a citizen of the world, Michigan is always home and it feels good to come home. Thanks for taking the time to capture home and putting it out here for the world to see.

I'm looking forward to returning here from time to time to see our state through your eyes!
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