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Snow, ice, and sunshine combine to make beautiful winter photos in Michigan
Blue Ice in the Straits - UP-604 CS216563PRNL Ice Curtains - UP-658 CS217825Winter Sunrise on Superior - UP-613 CS215407Grand Island Sunrise in WinterBlue Ice in the Straits - UP-605 CS216574Winter Details at Bond Falls-CS216123-EditWinter Wonderland Path - Walk to Wagner FallsUpper Bond Falls in Winter - UP-618 CS216296UP-609 CS216561Blue Ice Sunrise in Mackinaw - UP-610 CS216567-Edit-2Solitary Tree & Ice Flows - Sunrise on Superior - UP-611 CS215405UP-612 CS215399Winter Morning at Bond Falls - CS216368UP-656 CS216345Pere Marquette 1225 on a snowy dayPolar Express! Pere Marquette Steam EngineKitch-iti-kipi Big Springs in WinterBlue Ice Sunrise - Mackinaw - UP-608 CS216555Blue Ice - Saginaw Bay 9Q4A8060-2Bay City Rail Trail Ice Storm

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