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Copper Harbor UP-305 9Q4A5302_DataFog, Mist, and Trees - Copper HarborLake Superior Sunrise - Union Bay - PortraitSunrise at Gabbro FallsUP-239 CMS02417_DataGabbro Falls in Autumn - Vertical UP-205Copper Harbor Light - UP-519 9Q4A2397Presque Isle River Pot Holes in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan UP-108Ontonogan River and Autumn Leaves UP-217Bonanza Falls in AutumnGorge Falls II - Black River Scenic BywayGorge Falls - Black River Scenic BywayUP-234 CMS02294_DataUP-235 CMS02295_DataRoot Beer Falls - Autumn Portrait UP-246UP-247 9Q4A1926_DataUP-248 9Q4A1933_DataCanyon Falls Portrait - L'Anse MiLake of the Clouds - Escarpment SunsetCloud Peak Sunset - Porkies

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